Welcome to 90 Day Books

Question Mark is the first production in this genre. We produced this book in 90 days from start to finish. We’re planning to produce more books in this genre. Maybe yours?

90 Day Books are produced in ninety days to provide authors the opportunity to address issues people are experiencing in real time.

As an author of non-fiction I’m done with being told I have to wait 1-2 years for my thoughts to “go public”.

Here’s what we believe, for a growing number of thinkers, speakers, and writers, books will cease to be the first way people are introduced to your ideas.

Today people are more likely to “meet” you through a blog, video, podcast or even a small “house concert”. This means that your book will become more relevant after people have sampled you via another form of media. Your book will become an adjunct to you rather than an introduction to you.

Many people aren’t buying books to become smarter but to become wiser. People will buy your book after being introduced to you through some other media to determine if they might want to hire you as one of their culture guides.

The current process we’ve inherited requires a publishing house that leverages their institutional brand to signal to readers and distributors that such and such an author is worth taking a chance in an every changing marketplace

That model is waning in its capacity to deliver distribution.

At 90 day books we publish books as events transpire so that readers can get a closer look at the issues they’re curious about from authors they trust.