6 Reasons Mars Hill Church Will Be Gone by End of This Year

1. The Math

MHC was $650K upside down in August. That was 2 months ago. The banks will foreclose on them since they’ve lost many more people (a.k.a. giving units) since then. Do the math.

2. The Elite

The cultural elite have turned on Driscoll. Former insiders have laid siege around MHC. Their numbers are growing. They’re not leaving. Like Sun Tzu says “the one incalculable in war is the will of the people”. Driscoll has no defenders left.

3. The Money

Many Americans, including many Christian Americans, do their most serious worshiping at the altar of consumerism. Moral issues like gay rights, abortion or adultery may upset them but money moves them.  Some rich ex member will bring a lawsuit for fraudulent use of funds.

4. The Leak

They committed the unpardonable sin by using “helpless” orphans in Ethiopia to raise money to pay off Driscoll’s WoodWay Mansion. Then they hid the memo. Then someone leaked it. Current staffers have lost confidence and are wanting to clear their conscience.

5. The Addict

Just like an addict, Driscoll has let his church take the hits for him while he “reflects” in his bunker. He hides while his church dies. Mars Hill deserves to disappear. There are no leaders left to lead anymore. They followed their king over the cliff.

6. The History 

Barbara Tuchman wrote; “history is a series of miscalculations”. Smarter people than Driscoll have been caught by history. Just before the fall comes the proud face. Disgraced Ex President Richard Nixon said it best, “I’m no crook” and then… he was gone.

One thought on “6 Reasons Mars Hill Church Will Be Gone by End of This Year

  1. You have hit 6 nails right on their heads. It’s really as simple as that. Bad business often ends badly.

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